The Bucket List

  1. Travel by myself to:
  • America (DONE)
  • Canada
  • Europe
  1. Ride in a hot air balloon (DONE)
  2. Learn Spanish
  3. Go to the Brazilian carnival
  4. Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  5. Do a Colour run
  6. See a musical in NYC
  7. Have a romantic dinner on a rooftop looking over the city
  8. Go on a road trip with friends
  9. Work abroad
  10. Go hiking in a rainforest
  11. Have an all nighter in Las Vegas (DONE)
  12. Travel to New Zealand
  13. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  14. Go to a Music festival in another country
  15. Learn salsa dancing
  16. Take a pole dancing class
  17. Go Skydiving
  18. Go bungee jumping
  19. Fly first class
  20. do a flying trapeze workshop
  21. Fly in a helicopter
  22. Go on a cruise
  23. Travel to Ireland


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