2018 was an interesting year with many ups and downs and a lot of lessons learnt about life and myself. I had to face the world solo without any protection and it was truly terrifying but also amazingly empowering. I’ve learnt not to always lead with my heart and to keep my wits about me but also at the same time still see the good in people but also understand not all have good intentions.

My past tried to come back but this time compared to before, I’ve learnt when to let go and remember why something’s and people need to be left in the past. I will say it did help me see I’m not how I use to be, that I’ve grown and learnt to take care of myself and to not let the fact I care hold me back from doing what’s right for me.

2018 was the year I truly accepted my past but learnt not to let parts of my past define who I am now. I created memories that I will forever cherish and took on challenges at the time didn’t think I could make it through but prove to myself I could and I learnt from then and grew from them.

I can say proudly and actually believe myself when I say, I think I’ve finally gained an understanding of my own identity and accepted it and learnt to love who I am and embrace who I am and who I truly want to be.

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