Happiness = Motivation

Last year I thought I was doing better and was dealing with my issue but I’ve come to realise I was actually just dumping my issue onto others, because I couldn’t find an answer or solution  myself, that wasn’t okay to put that on other people within my life. As much as they care and want to help they couldn’t help me.

I wasn’t taking control of my own life. I was relying on others to fix things instead of taking control and trying to actually really help myself.

At this point in time I finally feel like I’m not trying to depend on others to fix things or find my happiness and now focusing on how I can make myself happy. I’ve now taken into consideration the negative influences in my life and to get rid of it.

Over the past couple of years when I turned 18 I freaked out. I didn’t know what to do as I felt like I was not at the point in my life I wanted to be. I still was not truely happy and did go through months of just feeling extremely lost and depressed. I  felt stuck and in a state of not knowing what to do, and really thinking about giving up on it all. I wasn’t happy with were I was, and what I had achieved and instead of fixing it for a long time I just rode the wave of sadness.  I was scared of change,  it just seemed so hard to reach.  I was only looking at the end result and not the steps to actually take to get there.

When I finally stood back and looked at my life and what I had achieved and the steps I wanted to take moving forward that’s when I really started to see change and progress.  Now I’m in a place of happiness and motivation to improve myself in all aspects and I can’t wait for the future and to keep working hard to get where I want to be.




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