Past Doesn’t Define Your Present

Going to curtain locations that in your past you use to be at all the time brings back memories, a lot of good but also many bad ones, thinking of how confident I used to be yet at that point in time I had no idea that what I was doing and who I was spending my time with was not good for me and was actually hurting my growth.

When your young you think you can do anything and nothing bad will happen because with out realizing you’re already surrounding yourself with the bad atmosphere and people that cloud your judgment on right and wrong. You do and say things that you look back now and think what the fuck was I thinking. Those people although good at heart, they did bad things and because you spent all your time with them that’s how people saw you. As a drop out, druggy, going nowhere in life and the only life I’d have if I stayed in that situation is a life of crime and zero possibilities.

It has taken me many years to clean myself up and fix my life and get things back on track and people probably still look at me and how I am and think I don’t care and that I don’t put effort into anything but really they have no idea of the struggles I’ve faced and defeated to get to where I am and the amount of time and effort it took to be where I am. At one point I was a year 10 drop out with no future and now I’m a high school graduate and university graduate.

Five years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be able to be where I am, so even though I still have a long way to go, I’m proud of where I am and everything I’ve achieved despite the odds that were against me.


To anyone who has felt like they can’t fix anything and everything is caving in and you just don’t know what to do, please don’t give up on yourself and believe in yourself, no matter what you go through or the situation your in, you can get through it and move forward it might take time and effort and work but it doesn’t mean it is not achievable. Don’t give up on yourself, you can do this, even if no one else believes in you I believe in you.

take care of yourself,

lots of love,

Keish xo


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