America In June!

This year at the end of June I’ll be heading to America for two weeks! I’m really excited but also slightly terrified because I’m going to be going by myself. I’ve never traveled alone so I’m hoping I don’t have too much of a melt down on the plane.

I decided for my first solo trip to do part of it with a Contiki Tour which hopefully will help me not freak out and having some support traveling with a group to start gives me less anxiety compared to just arriving and not really know what to do.

I wont have anyone to depend on which is scary for me but it’ll force me to make an effort to meet new people, which is nerve wracking because I’m a shy and introverted person majority of the time and I’m not always the best in social settings. So fingers crossed it goes well.

I’ve been to America once before when I was younger with my family, we went to Las Vegas and LA and I loved it! It was so much fun. The only bad thing was we unfortunately got stuck in LA traffic which I have no idea how they deal with that all the time that would drive me crazy!

This time round though I’m going to be experience a different side to America last time I went I was only 15 years old it was still really fun but this time I’ll be 21 so going to be interesting seeing a different side I didn’t experience last time.

I’m so excited but also terrified this is the biggests, scariest thing I’ve ever done but I don’t want to live my life anymore wondering what if I’d rather try and not let fear control everything, life is to short.


Who I Booked Through and Got My Info

Contiki Tour Website

The Contiki Tour I’m Doing

If you’re a student and want to travel but are on a budget check out student flights they have awesome deals!


If anyone decides to book a Contiki Tour you can do it through the website and they will set you up with someone who will help you book your trip, I will say I started off by booking my trip this way but it got confusing and just wasn’t working so I ended up going into Student Flights and figuring out all the details and everything in person trust me book it in person because you don’t want to book something and not really know what you’ve booked and not be happy.

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