Learn To Let Go

When you believe people can change and maybe they’ll be there for you, how you are for them. You wish that they remembered the little details, like your laugh, smile, the pointless conversations, but that’s not always the case you can give them a thousand chances and go through traumatic things with that person and they will just go on with their lives like nothing happen and it didn’t matter, leaving you to deal with everything by yourself and when you think there trying to be there for you and care about you but really it’s all bullshit lies hidden behind a smile. They might have done a couple things to look like they cared but its really just a way to keep you around longer to get what they want and not because they actually care. They might hold you in there arms while you sleep but they still let you walk out the door early the next morning with no regards and just a cheap hooker they paid for the night to entertain them. Yet you still come back thinking maybe this time will be different, maybe this time but at the end of the day you know deep down things aren’t going to change and your always going to be thinking, maybe this time or this time till its to a point you no longer know who you are and have lost all respect for yourself because your trying to make whatever is happening into something special but its not and it never was. Sometimes you need to just let go and realize sometimes all your love and effort isn’t enough if the other person wont let you in.




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