The Unachievable is Achievable

Many things come into our lives to challenge us but the choice that we have to make is to either take the challenges and face them or let them take over and stop us from achieving our goals and dreams. Even though I may not have been on this earth for long I still have learnt many things. I’ve had to learn to not let my mind control me and define me as a person and that my past may have hurt me and broken me but I can still put the pieces back together and keep moving forward. I’m a survivor I have had to deal with many things that have in the end made me stronger and wiser. So my message to you all is don’t let other people stop you from doing the things you love because they think their stupid or unrealistic or unachievable anything is achievable. It may take time and hard work but all great things take time so keep working hard to achieve your goals and work through the hard times and you’ll reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

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