Striving To Be Kind

We all are striving to be noticed and loved by all for our looks, for what we own, for likes, to fit in but it is all well and good while we’re young because at this point we don’t see that non of it matters later and that with changing times and with age everything will change, our looks will fade, we wont remember that amazing expensive thing we brought, will remember the memories we’ve made within our lives and the people we shared those memories with. So to have a kind heart and kind to those around us, not just the ones that we love and cherish but also those that we met on the streets or check out, greet with a smile and be kind because its more important than getting a million likes because when we leave this earth people wont remember us by our social medias or those objects that we care so much about or if we were popular in school. People will remember us for who we were at heart and the memories they shared with us. So be kind to those around us even if they may not deserve it, be kind just to be kind, help those who need help, put out a hand for those who need to be lifted up and you’ll be blessed with happiness and love within your life. So don’t stress about being popular or if you don’t have fancy things or a million likes if you’re a good person and kind to others that is worth more than anything else.

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